I continue to hear people say the reason they didn’t get THE job was because of their age. Now I know because of my age certain things have changed. The days of being a teen heart throb (yes I am delusional) are in the rear view mirror. If I go to a club to hear a friend’s band play they don’t ask to see by ID…you mean I look older then 21? And if I tried to enlist in the US military they would laugh, perhaps respectfully, but they would laugh none the less.  The truth is I have gotten older and there is no changing that.

Do I define myself by my age? I do not. I think, believe and define myself as a vital person, and simply… because I am. Proverbs 23:7 reminds us, “For as a man (or woman) thinks in his heart so is he”.  In my 50’s I landed two of the best jobs I have had in my adult life. I read somewhere recently that 50 is the new 50. (I feel better don’t you…)

My 50’s have been to date perhaps my most productive years, I completed my Bachelor’s degree, with distinction I might add, I also finished a music CD of ten original songs that I wrote, sang produced and engineered. Please understand I am not writing this to get some type of “that a boy Joe”. The point is allowing age to define your creativity, your purpose, your identity, can be deadly. Life is about living and being productive no matter WHAT…and that includes your age.

Truth be told, your experience and work ethic are invaluable, but your age can become a detriment if your attitude is… my way is the best… or worse, my way is the ONLY way. If that describes you, then you may have discovered a stumbling block to landing that new job regardless of your credentials. If a perspective employer senses a closed mindedness to change, the interview is over. If this is a tough area for you, humble yourself and resolve it. C S Lewis wrote, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” Good advice.

In closing I want to encourage you, don’t fear…get focused.  Fear will suck the life out of you and sabotage your hope. Trust yourself, renew your mind, and don’t be afraid of change. AND please don’t be afraid to make a mistake or two, or three…learn from them and grow.



2 thoughts on “AGING CHANGES

  1. Thanks Joe – Good stuff!
    I feel like I’m a late bloomer in a lot of ways but the truth is, I’m still growing and that’s a good thing. There is nothing worse than having the wisdom of the ages and just keeping it inside because you think thereis no purpose left inside you. Experience is a great thing to share, and inspiring to others.
    You’ve inspired me!

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